Coffee + Community is our Dream

I remember sitting in my high school classroom, doodling about what I wanted my future coffee shop to look like. Drawing the tables, the counters, the whole layout…it became a bit of an obsession really. I carried that dream with me into college while I earned a degree in Mass Communications, further developing my love for planning events, surrounding myself with creative and passionate people, learning the importance of community and falling in love with my now husband, DJ Kramer.

DJ and I learned early in our relationship that we had a similar passion for operating a small business. While in Business school he designed a small business plan that he often dreamed of and was so excited about, he contemplated dropping out of college to pursue it.

Our love for coffee and the coffee community grows daily with everything we learn, everything we experience. In college, you could often find us in the corner of our favorite coffee shops. While living in Oregon we developed a love for fresh roasted coffee. Every time we travel, we make it a point to try a new coffee house and see what kind of beans they are filling their cups with. We love every aspect of the coffee world, and we are so excited to pursue it daily.

Our love of community, coffee and adventure collided into this huge dream that we could never stop talking about. Every life decision we made, one of our first thoughts would always be, “How will that help us open a coffee shop one day?”

Sitting in the corner of a quaint coffee shop in Oregon last July, DJ and I were going over an email draft we were about to send to some guy named Brian Jackson. We knew the email was going to be a little random and we didn’t quite know what to say. We shared our vision, tried to put our passions in to words, said a little prayer and hit send.

Brian was quick to get back to us and we started the conversation about what it might look like for us to partner together to bring all of our dreams to life.

Fast forward to the present, the night before our shops soft opening, Brian pulls up the email we sent him. We laughed about how strange it sounded going back into that moment, not knowing each other to how our friendship has grown and how our dreams have been changing into a reality. We all laughed in amazement when we realized that the email we sent was exactly a year ago to the date we opened the shop. DJ and I laughed about how we came back with the mindset, “we will pursue this dream with all we have for a year.” God’s funny that way. All the confusion, excitement, tears, joys and conversations that have been had are just the beginning of something big. We are so excited to see what is in store!

DJ and I have a deep love for people. We want the Mighty Missouri Coffee Company storefront to be a place where all people feel welcomed and loved, as if you’re stepping into a loved one’s home.

Every conversation you have with someone, we believe you leave that conversation changed. Our best conversations have included two cups of coffee in between. There is something so sacred about being intentional in the daily routines. We would be honored to be one of the first people you see to start the day, putting that great cup of coffee in your hand, telling you to have a good day, and truly looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



JamieLee & DJ Kramer

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