Young Life CAMPing Mugs

CAMPing Mugs can be purchased online or at the Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. storefront in Bismarck. 

CAMPing Mugs can be purchased online or at the Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. storefront in Bismarck. 

Young Life is a Christian Ministry that reaches out to middle school, high school and college-aged kids. Volunteer adult leaders give their time to reach out to kids who may need a friend, guidance and to be someone who can answer the hard questions.

Young Life holds a huge place in my heart. I started going to Young Life in middle school shortly after my brother passed away. Having my Young Life leaders to confide in truly changed my life in every way and made me the person I am today. They were there to answer every hard question I had and helped me get through some of the hardest years of my life. My Young Life leaders are still a part of my life and always one of the first people I reach out to when I need guidance. 

DJ and I love Young Life’s Mission. DJ lived in Nepal working with Young Life and reaching out to kids, we got engaged at Castaway Camp, and we lived on a Young Life camp in Oregon working on property staff for our first year of marriage. Young Life has changed our lives in so many ways we love being able to help change the lives of kids and young adults.

Adult leaders bring kids on a week-long adventure where they will enjoy activities like rock climbing, zip lining, outdoor games and listening to a camp speaker share a life-changing message.

When you purchase one of our Young Life CAMPing Mugs, part of the proceeds will go to helping kids who cannot afford the full cost of camp.

This year campers will be headed to Castaway Camp near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for the best week of their lives!

We asked Dan Eastgate, the Young Life Area Director for Bismarck-Mandan a few questions.

Q:What is the best part about Castaway Young Life Camp?

Dan: It sounds cliché but Castaway has too many "best parts" to name just one.  Of course all of the adventure everyone gets to experience: parasailing, scaling the climbing wall, sailing a HobieCat, and zip lining 900 feet into Pelican Lake!  Playing a round of Frisbee golf, eating ice cream at the "Seabreeze", hanging in the hot tub and laying around in a hammock.  Going to camp with your oldest friends, and meeting new friends from your own school and from other communities across the US.  Lastly, 400 plus kids trying to literally rip the doors off to rush into club with all their friends to take part in a huge, hour long "party with a purpose!" simply called Club. Once inside Club, kids will laugh harder, sing (SCREAM) songs louder, and get to hear the most amazing love story ever told...Jesus' love for all of them.

And of course we can't talk about Castaway without mentioning the legendary BIG COOKIE!

Q:How many kids will be going to camp this year from Bismarck-Mandan?

Dan: Between, Young Life, WyldLife (middle school), and YoungLives (YL ministry to teen moms) we are hoping and praying for 70-80 teens to attend Castaway with us this summer.

Q: When kids get back from camp, what is one thing they talk about the most?

Dan: Kids repeatedly say Young Life camp is one of the best week's of their life! The week at camp kids are free to be kids.  They have more fun than ever, make better and deeper friendships, and are given a chance to consider for themselves God, life, and their place in the world.  Every year on the bus ride home we hear kids saying "I love this place and I want to go back!”

Q: Along with purchasing a CAMPing Mug, how could someone help a kid get to camp this summer?

Dan: Bismarck-Mandan YL will never allow finances to stop a teenager from attending Young Life camp.  We faithfully fundraise and are looking for generous donors to help us provide "Camperships" for kids in need.  No way around it, YL camp has a cost, but the experience is priceless.

Q: Describe Young Life summer camp in one sentence.

Dan: Better experienced than explained. Get on the bus!

Q: If someone wants to get involved with Young Life, what is the best way to do that?

Dan:  Go to YL club, go to YL camp, bring a friend, trust us it'll be fun. Follow @bismanyl on Instagram to find out all the goings on, or go old school and call Area Director Dan Eastgate at701-220-6878

To find more info on Bismarck-Mandan Young Life visit their website at:

Or, go old school and call Dan Eastgate at: 701-220-6878




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